Shijin : Lovers of history

Publisher : Hiroshima Ancient History Study Group (former Shimomukai Laboratory)
The Graduate School of Human and Social Sciences, Hiroshima Univ. WATANABE SEMINAR
Shimomukai, Tatsuhiko;
What is KOSHINAWA (腰縄) Written in the Lacquer Paper Document “Censorship Book of Personal Tools for Warriors” Excavated from KANOKO (鹿の子) C Site?: A Dialogue between Archeology, Ancient History, Japanese Linguistics, Legal Sociology and Folklore
SHIMOMUKAI, Tatsuhiko;
PP. 1 - 31
About the Four Turning Points of the Heian Period: From the standpoint of The Theory of the OCHOKOKKA (王朝国家)
SHIMOMUKAI, Tatsuhiko;
PP. 32 - 48
A Study on TAIRA-NO-SHIGEMORI (平重盛) ’birth mother and the people of her relative
SOGA, Yoshinari;
PP. 49 - 62
The Workers who for the Tatara Iron Manufacturing of Sakurai-ke: Analysis on Reward Cases of Tedai and Craftsmen
TOYA, Tomofumi;
PP. 63 - 75
The Dismantling of the Imperial Ritual System of the Japanese Ritsuryo State
PP. 76 - 107