Hiroshima University bulletin of the Department of Archaeology
Issue 9
Date of Issue:2017-10-31
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Publisher : Department of Archaeology, Graduate School of Letters, Hiroshima University
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Research and Studies at the Department of Archaeology: Articles
Spouted Bowl-shaped Ceramic Vessels with Attached Pedestal Foot from the Yayoi Period in the Chūgoku and Shikoku Regions
Maki Hirotaka
PP. 1 - 24
Ring-shaped Pottery (kanjō hei) - (Vessels with a Ring-shaped Body Made of Tubeshaped Clay): Manufacturing Techniques and Lineages
Namura Takehiko
PP. 25 - 42
Research and Studies at the Department of Archaeology: Research Notes
A Re-investigation of the Excavation of the Shijikkan-kohara Yayoi Period Burial Mound and a Discussion of Burial Mound Formation during the Middle Yayoi Period
Imafuku Takuya
PP. 43 - 68
Research and Studies at the Department of Archaeology: New Research Materials
Archaeological Finds from Jinseki-kōgen Town: The “INOHIRA Collection” from Toyomatsu Village
Nojima Hisashi Maki Hirotaka Sasaki Naoya Namura Takehiko
PP. 69 - 101
Surface Finds from the Kaidahara Mounded Tomb No. 20 in Kisa-chō, Miyoshi City
Murata Susumu
PP. 103 - 112
The Two Kinds of Decorated Ceramic Ware (Sue Ware) in the Collections of the Department of Archaeology, Hiroshima University: Kanjō hei and Torigata hei
Namura Takehiko Nojima Hisashi Tsumaki Nobuyoshi
PP. 113 - 122
Records and Selected Works from the Department of Archeology
Events Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Hiroshima University Department of Archaeology
Nojima Hisashi Hazue Tetsuya
PP. 123 - 127
Research and Social Activities of the Department of Archaeology
Nakamura Norie
PP. 128 - 129