Bulletin of the Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Hiroshima University. III, Studies in cultural sciences
Volume 7
Date of Issue:2012-12-31
current number
ISSN: 1881-770X
発行元 : 広島大学大学院総合科学研究科
Against Lysenkoites' Hegemony : On the Establishment of the Institute for Cytology and Genetics of Siberian Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences. <Articles>
PP. 1 - 13
Representation of authorship in the paratexte of post-incunabula in Paris : “Maistre Francoys Villon" and Pierre Gringore “dit Mere Sotte" <Articles>
PP. 15 - 28
Anthropological study of Jamdani handicraft and development assistance in Bangladesh <Summaries of the Doctoral Theses>
PP. 33 - 35
Anthropological Studies on the Identity of Urban Indigenous People in Multicultural Australia <Summaries of the Doctoral Theses>
Kurita Ritsuko
PP. 37 - 39
Possibility that a minority to be discriminated can exist as diaspora <Summaries of the Doctoral Theses>
Sasagawa Toshiharu
PP. 41 - 43
The Ethical Range of Rudolf Steiner's Mysticismin the Modern World : Exploring the Relation between “Morals" and “I (Ich)" <Summaries of the Doctoral Theses>
Nishii Miho
PP. 45 - 49