Hiroshima studies in English language and literature

ISSN : 0288-2876
Publisher : The English Literary Association of Hiroshima University
PP. 1 - 15
Voices of “Others” in Two Documentary Films on the Construction of the Three Gorges Dam: 『秉愛』and Up the Yangtze
Kishino Hidemi Araki Yoko
PP. 17 - 30
English Literature and Music/Musicality
Musical Functions in the Climax of Medieval and Shakespeare’s Plays
Tomimura Noritaka
PP. 31 - 45
The Dissociation of Poetry and Music in Dryden’s Ode, ‘Alexander’s Feast or, The Power of Music’
PP. 47 - 63
Regeneration of John Keats’ “La Belle Dame sans Merci” by Charles Hubert Parry
Kobayashi Hidemi
PP. 65 - 74
Joycean Music: The “Technic of Fugue” and Onomatopoeia in Episode 11 of Ulysses
Doki Kazuhiro
PP. 75 - 87
Graduate Reports