The Hiroshima University studies, School of Letters

ISSN : 2436-410X
Publisher : Hiroshima University
The Birth of a Writing Woman: “Days of Childhood” (Osanaki koro) by Kikuko Ojima: A novel in Taiwan Aikoku-Fujin
PP. 1 - 20
Nihon Shimbun and Russian/Soviet Literature: The Literary Space of the Siberian Internees
PP. 21 - 46
Concerning the Subnote “Time~”: A study on the self-completion of the “Bai-Shi Wen Ji” (1)
PP. 43 - 58
Genji-hitotoki-banashi (A Digest of The Tale of Genji): A bibliographic commentary and its reprinting
PP. 23 - 41
On the Case of the Overlapping Mourning of Relatives
PP. 1 - 22