Memoirs of the Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences. III, Studies in information and behavior sciences

ISSN : 0385-1478
Publisher : 広島大学総合科学部
A study on the reliability and validity of Leary's social anxiety scale
Okabayashi Naoko Seiwa Hidetoshi
PP. 1 - 9
The effect of the "Orientation Camp" on freshmen's adjustments to their college-lives
Kinjo Akira Kurokawa Masaru
PP. 11 - 35
PP. 55 - 70
Measurement of Time Anxiety
Seiwa Hidetoshi Uchida Nobuyuki
PP. 71 - 85
A study on the social skill of Japanese students in short term oversea language seminor
Tanaka Tomoko Kohyama Takaya Fujihara Takehiro
PP. 87 - 102
PP. 103 - 110
Expression of External Genes in Promyelocytic Leukemia Cells <Summary of Thesis for a Doctorate>
Oguro Kazuya
PP. 111 - 112