Hiroshima studies in English language and literature

ISSN : 0288-2876
Publisher : The English Literary Association of Hiroshima University
Visual Art in Ulysses: Focusing on Plays and Photographs
Iwashita, Izumi;
PP. 9 - 20
Stephen’s Refusal to Sign His Name
Odai, Katsuhiko;
PP. 21 - 33
Going Beyond Usefulness: The Dispute over College Education in the 1820s Seen through the Lens of Fanshawe
Ohno, Setusko;
PP. 35 - 47
Pan as an Internal Other in D. H. Lawrence’s‘ The Last Laugh’
Oyama, Miyo;
PP. 49 - 62
Joe Bray, The Language of Jane Austen: Language, Style and Literature Palgrave Macmillan, 2018, v + 182 pp.
Ishida, Sae;
PP. 63 - 68
Graduate Reports