ISSN: 1342-8934
発行元 : 広島大学森戸国際高等教育学院
Updating International Japan Studies Education with ICT Tools: A Problem-based Learning Approach to Teaching about Akutagawa Ryunosuke's “Hana” and Japanese Modernization
永井 敦; 松山 由布子; フェレイロ ダマソ; 畑 有紀;
PP. 1 - 18
Uses of iya to Assert Epistemic Primacy in Japanese Conversation
名塩 征史;
PP. 19 - 32
Scoping Review of the Literature on BEVI in Japanese Higher Education
永井 敦;
PP. 33 - 47
Attempts to Create Explanatory Illustrations of the Surroundings of Hiroshima University, After Hiroshima’s Atomic Bombing
嘉陽 礼文;
PP. 48 - 56
Japanese Names of Chinese People and Their Readings
荒見 泰史;
PP. 57 - 72
深見 兼孝; 田村 泰男; 石原 淳也; 恒松 直美; 荒見 泰史; 迫田 久美子; 陳 斐寧; 小宮山 道夫;
PP. 90 - 128