Higher Education Forum 17巻
2020-03 発行

An International and Comparative Perspective of the Academic Profession’s Development: With a focus on R-T-S Nexus in the world and Japan

Arimoto, Akira
There is a hypothesis that Research-Teaching-Study Nexus (R-T-S Nexus) should be developed as an ideal of modern university constantly since its proposition by Wilhelm Humboldt in 1910.
Despite given hypothesis, however, it has not been necessarily accepted by the AP (Academic Profession) in the world according to Carnegie, CAP and APIKS surveys, the three international and comparative surveys on the AP, conducted during past thirty years. Difficulty of realizing compatible research and teaching is thought to be a negative preposition for realization of R-T-S nexus.
How to eliminate such difficulty is indispensable for the AP in the world. As far as Japan is concerned, the national policy of research orientation has been worked for priority of research-university rather than teaching-university. This doctrine has been internalized strongly in the AP’s consciousness in all universities and colleges to the extent that realization of the given ideal of R-T-S nexus is hardly successful.
academic profession
R-T-S Nexus
academic productivity
Wilhelm Humboldt
Burton Clark
Heintz-Dieter Meyer
Carnegie Survey
CAP Survey
APIKS Survey