Higher Education Forum 17巻
2020-03 発行

Teaching and Research of Academics in Mexico: Preferences and dedication according to the international survey APIKS

Estévez-Nenninger, Etty Haydeé
González-Bello, Edgar Oswaldo
Valdés-Cuervo, Ángel
Arcos-Vega, José Luis
Ramiro-Marentes, Fabiola
Gutiérrez-Franco, Laura Edith
The objective of this paper is to analyze the preferences and time of dedication to teaching and research activities of different types of academics from Mexico who have been exposed, unequally, to public and institutional policies oriented mainly to stimulate and recognizes cientific productivity and, to a lesser extent, teaching. Based on the results of the international survey Academic Profession in the Knowledge-based Society (APIKS) answered by 4,631 academics from 127 higher education institutions (HEIs), changes are noted in terms of preference and dedication of full-time scholars to the activities they perform, compared to the previous survey, in accordance with the aspirations to receive the benefits of public policy programs that are aimed at this population. This preference for research has also permeated those hired as part-time professor, and it was even identified that 7% of this type of academic has recognition as a researcher.
To carry out the project in Mexico, financial support was received from PADES 2019 from the Undersecretary of Higher Education of the country.
Academic Profession
Higher Education