2020-03-20 発行
ISSN:  2186-7909
発行元 :  西日本応用倫理学研究会
Konjo (guts) and konki (persistence): That support endurance and are cultivated by it
近藤 良樹;
PP. 1 - 16
Kant on Teachers
嶋崎 太一;
PP. 17 - 32
A Study on the Founding Period of Steiner Kindergarten: Focus on the Practice of E.M. Grunellius
杉岡 幸代;
PP. 33 - 54
Ethical Significance of Amae: Proposal from Watsuji’s Philosophy of Life (2)
黄 萍;
PP. 55 - 74
Comparison of the acceptance of the concept of rights between Japan and China from the perspective of Confucian culture
余 佳城;
PP. 75 - 88
Self-evident but vague "joshiki": Focusing on Yujiro Nakamura’s Kyotsu Kankaku Ron
鄭 西吟;
PP. 89 - 104