ISSN : 1346-5104
発行元 : 広島大学学部・附属学校共同研究機構
The Effect of the Experiences in the Forest Kindergarten on the Motor Ability and Academic Ability of Schoolchildren from the Forest Kindergarten: Focusing on the Long-Term Effect
小鴨 治鈴; 松本 信吾; 久原 有貴; 関口 道彦; 中邑 恵子; 上田 毅; 清水 寿代; 杉村 伸一郎;
PP. 1 - 7
Potentiality of the Outdoor Activities Database in Early Childhood Education: How Can Practitioners Use the Research Results of Hiroshima University Kindergarten?
久原 有貴; 関口 道彦; 堀 奈美; 清水 則雄; 塩路 恒生; 今川 真治; 菅村 亨;
PP. 9 - 19
The Practical Research of the Support for the Preschooler from Abroad: To Construct Early Childhood Education for Promote Communication
堀 奈美; 松本 信吾; 七木田 敦; 清水 寿代; 河口 麻希; 菅村 亨; 中邑 恵子; 小鴨 治鈴;
PP. 21 - 31
The Development of the Japanese Lesson to Foster Independent Reader
有川 佐智子; 難波 博孝; 間瀬 茂夫; 山本 陽子; 高瀬 裕人; 溝上 大樹; 谷 栄次; 羽場 邦子; 竹森 文美;
PP. 33 - 42
Lesson Program for Spatial Composition of “House” with Different Structural Methods by Third Graders of Primary School
沖西 啓子; 横田 浩子; 服部 太; 千代 章一郎; 匹田 篤;
PP. 43 - 51
A Study on Effective Support of Pre-service Teachers in Practice Teaching(2): Through the Analysis of Small-group Learning in Pre-service Teachers’ Mathematics Lessons
井上 芳文; 喜田 英昭; 袴田 綾斗; 折口 香織; 砂原 徹; 富永 和宏; 橋本 三嗣; 森脇 政泰; 吉田 将康; 青谷 章弘; 小山 正孝; 下村 哲; 影山 和也;
PP. 53 - 63
Conception of cooperation curriculum among elementary, junior high and high schools to promote the qualities and abilities of home economics: the common concept and the systematization of the learning contents
日浦 美智代; 一ノ瀬 孝恵; 円並地 利江; 高橋 美与子; 鈴木 明子; 村上 かおり; 梶山 曜子; 今川 真治; 松原 主典; 髙田 宏;
PP. 65 - 75
Active Learning Models in Science Classes
平松 敦史; 佐々木 康子; 志田 正訓; 井上 純一; 内海 良一; 大方 祐輔; 梶山 耕成; 加藤 祐治; 岸本 享子; 杉田 泰一; 樋口 洋仁; 磯﨑 哲夫; 木下 博義; 古賀 信吉; 竹下 俊治; 蔦岡 孝則; 松浦 拓也; 三好 美織; 山崎 博史;
PP. 77 - 87
Pre-Service Teachers’ Teaching Skills of Student Guidance and Musical Instruction in Teaching Practice(3)
増井 知世子; 原 寛曉; 松前 良昌; 光田 龍太郎; 末廣 麻由子; 長澤 希; 三村 真弓; 伊藤 真; 枝川 一也;
PP. 89 - 97
Active learning in junior high school social studies (I): Reading of the history in the daily life of the student
宮本 英征; 粟谷 好子; 池野 範男; 伊藤 直哉; 草原 和博; 具志堅 加奈; 橋本 浩; 藤原 隆範;
PP. 99 - 109
Investigation into Systematized Teaching Method Between a University and Attached School in Teacher Training for Teaching Technology.
向田 識弘; 川路 智治; 堤 健人; 谷田 親彦; 川田 和男; 木村 彰孝; 田島 俊造; 田中 秀幸; 長松 正康; 藤中 透;
PP. 111 - 121
A Examination about Course-specific Ability on the Subjects in the Course of Arts and Crafts and Arts.: Through the Visualization of Idea Processes.
天野 紳一; 島谷 あゆみ; 山本 英美; 松本 裕子; 松崎 伸一; 横田 浩子; 三根 和浪; 谷田 親彦;
PP. 123 - 133
Development of lesson plans to enable diversity and collaboration: Framing musical activities from the viewpoint of inclusive education
圓城寺 佐知子; 髙橋 望; 竹林地 毅; 権藤 敦子; 寺内 大輔;
PP. 135 - 145
Study on the way of educational practical training of special needs education in at the special needs class in the affiliated school, Hiroshima Univerisity
梶山 雅司; 城 一樹; 髙橋 望; 髙阪 英徳; 向井 紋子; 野口 慶子; 藤井 朋子; 西 勉; 朝倉 淳; 若松 昭彦; 牟田口 辰己; 川合 紀宗; 氏間 和仁; 谷本 忠明; 林田 真志; 竹林地 毅; 船橋 篤彦; 河口 麻希; 本渡 葵;
PP. 147 - 156
Review of global teacher lecture development training for the realization of symbiotic society: Taking into consideration the development of lessons in special support class and normal curriculum class can collaborate
髙阪 英徳; 新谷 和幸; 天野 紳一; 中丸 敏至; 坂田 行平; 谷 栄次; 池田 吏志; 林 孝;
PP. 157 - 167
Study of teacher off-the-job-training at an attached junior high school: the development of mathematics teachers
天野 秀樹; 青谷 章弘; 富永 和宏; 森脇 政泰; 松浦 武人; 寺垣内 政一;
PP. 169 - 174
Development of exchange activity with the student studying abroad to bring global human resources up (2): Focusing on intercultural understandings and identity as Japanese
君岡 智央; 佐原 美穂; 掛 志穂; 金岡 美幸; 米倉 智久; 松宮 奈賀子; 児玉 真樹子;
PP. 175 - 184
Development of Materials for “Goal” Games Focused on “Movement without a Ball (Tactical Movement)”: Practical Study Conducted in the Classes of Middle and High Grades of an Elementary School and a Middle School
中山 泉; 湯浅 理枝; 日野 瑞保; 大上 輝明; 木原 成一郎; 大後戸 一樹;
PP. 185 - 193
Developing Trans-Curriculum Learning of Japanese Language Arts in a K-9 integrated school II: For nurturing students with the zest for living and with capabilities to solving their own tasks for themselves
渕山 真悟; 君岡 智央; 広兼 睦; 杉川 千草; 西木 英里; 石川 嘉一; 山元 隆春; 田中 宏幸; 佐々木 勇; 小西 いずみ;
PP. 195 - 202
Study on the qualities and abilities of art and crafts that systematically grow in 12 years of childhood: Through an appreciation class by the active learning
松崎 伸一; 松本 裕子; 内田 雅三; 中村 和世;
PP. 203 - 213
Exploration of the Nature of Active Learning in Elementary School Science Class: Focussing on Learning-Problem Making and the Method of Interchange Between Groups
三田 幸司; 柘植 一輝; 石井 信孝; 風呂 和志; 柴 一実; 山崎 敬人;
PP. 215 - 223
Consider the guidance of the way on radiation and health in kindergarten, elementary and junior high schools consistently: Efforts on radiation education based on viewpoints of health education and science education
荒谷 美津子; 川崎 裕美; 高木 明子; 高橋 法子; 奈良原 珠美; 佐原 美穂; 風呂 和志;
PP. 225 - 235
The research of probability unit and curriculum with the intention to connect Elementary to Secondary School.: Through mathematical activities that recall probability concept
岩知道 秀樹; 鈴木 昌二; 端山 文子; 上ヶ谷 友佑; 植田 敦三; 松浦 武人;
PP. 237 - 244
“Interactive Experiential Learning With Young Children” in Junior High School Home Economics courses: Developing and implementing a class model using active learning
藤井 志保; 中山 芙充子; 伊藤 圭子; 高橋 均;
PP. 245 - 255
Social studies in elementary and junior high consistency type to foster international qualities (2): The point of view of legal literacy
柳生 大輔; 梅野 栄治; 棚橋 健治; 木村 博一;
PP. 257 - 267
Effects of Small-Group Facilitators on Speaking Performance of Junior High School Students
池岡 慎; 築道 和明; 兼重 昇; 川野 泰崇; 千菊 基司; 多賀 徹哉; 田中 秀太郎; 久松 功周; 福澤 健; 松尾 砂織; 米澤 幸子;
PP. 269 - 279
A study on curriculum development for indirect proof: understanding and constructing the process of proof by contradiction
早田 透; 上ヶ谷 友佑; 袴田 綾斗; 岩知道 秀樹; 影山 和也; 小山 正孝; 寺垣内 政一;
PP. 281 - 287