Bulletin of training and research center for clinical psychology
Volume 9
Date of Issue:2011-03-20
current number
Publisher : Department of Psychology, Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
Study on the problem of role-playing for learning counseling skill : research of university students studying to be school teachers
Itoi, Maho; Ishida, Yumi;
PP. 42 - 53
Construction of Identity and Time Perspective for College Students
Sato, Yuki; Okamoto, Yuko;
PP. 54 - 66
Relationship among resilience, self-esteem, depression, and coping
Tanaka, Chiaki; Kodama, Kenichi;
PP. 67 - 79
The relation among subjective well-being, social skills and quality of interpersonal interaction in adolescent friendships
Tokunaga, Misako; Matsushita, Himeka;
PP. 80 - 90
The relation between eating disorder tendency and ego identity in university students
Hinokuma, Yuki; Kodama, Kenichi;
PP. 91 - 106
The relationship between the friendship function and the loneliness among university students
Fujihara, Misato; Ishida, Yumi;
PP. 107 - 115
Relationship between recurrent dreams and ego identity
Morita, Shuhei; Matsushita, Himeka;
PP. 116 - 131
Review of clinical psychological studies on transference during psychotherapy
Yamamura, Takanao; Kodama, Kenichi;
PP. 132 - 147