Bulletin of training and research center for clinical psychology Volume 17
2019-03-31 発行

中学生における相談抑制と友人関係との関連 : 質問紙と動的学校画を用いての検討

The relationship between inhibiting to consult and friendship in junior high school students: by using questionnaire and Kinetic School Drawing
Masuda, Narumi
These sets of studies aim to demonstrate how inhibiting consulting behavior is a feature of friendship in junior high school students. The first study divided the types of consulting behavior among friends into three groups: a "group to consult friends," a "group without an intention to consult friends," and a "group inhibiting consulting behavior". Next, we examined the features of friendship in each group. Results demonstrate that junior high school students who inhibit consulting behavior are defensive toward their friends and are not confident regarding their opinions and ideas. Moreover, the results demonstrate that the same students do not make proactive efforts to reach a mutual understanding with their friends and that their desire to be loved and develop intimate friendships is low. The second study used Kinetic School Drawing to catalog the impressions and traits of friendship in each type of consulting behavior. The results suggest that junior high school students who inhibit consulting behavior are reluctant to draw scenes that depict mutual contact with friends.
help-seeking behavior
Kinetic School Drawing (KSD)