Bulletin of training and research center for clinical psychology Volume 12
2014-03-20 発行

女子大学生の神経性無食欲症傾向における人物画の特徴について <研究論文>

Feature of the draw-a-person test in a women's college student's anorexia nervosa tendency <Research Article>
Mori, Yui
We investigated the quantitative features of portrait drawings by female university students who were identified as having a tendency toward anorexia nervosa. The participants were 107 female university students. They were assessed with the Draw-a-Person test and EAT-26 questionnaire. The results suggested that the group with higher tendency toward anorexia nervosa showed ambiguous gender representations and gender identity problems. The same group also produced a smaller number of portraits of the whole body, which may be caused because of body image difficulties. However, "narcissistic self-image," which was closely related to anorexia nervosa (Mine, 1990), was not found in the group. This suggested a difference in terms of "narcissistic self-image" between the group with a tendency toward anorexia nervosa and the clinical group with anorexia nervosa.
Anorexia nervosa tendency
Draw-A-Person test