Bulletin of training and research center for clinical psychology Volume 12
2014-03-20 発行

母子関係における質問紙法と描画法にみられる母子関係の特徴のずれに関する実証的検討 <研究論文>

The empirical examination about a gap of the questionnaire method and the drawing method in mother-child relationship <Research Article>
Takamatsu, Yuki
Kida, Yuko
One of the drawing methods is Mother and Child Drawings. This study focused on the gaps between the mother-child relationships measured by a questionnaire and the mother-child relationships interpreted from Mother and Child Drawings, and examined whether these differences were caused by the gaps between the conscious and subconscious attitudes. The results indicated that there was a negative correlation between the score on the Mother and Child Drawings and the stability score on the questionnaire as a general trend of the participants. Moreover, the result showed that the hypothesis was supported for both the congruous and incongruous groups with low rejection scores. It partially supported the notion that the subconscious attitudes could be reflected in Mother and Child Drawings, and that the conscious attitudes could be reflected in the questionnaire.
Mother and Child drawing
Implicit Association Test (IA1)