Bulletin of training and research center for clinical psychology Volume 12
2014-03-20 発行

大学生の過去の転校経験に対する意味づけ : 転機としての環境移行 <研究論文>

University students' meaning-making for the experience of past school transference <Research Article>
Shimoda, Chihiro
Ogino, Misako
While school transference is a critical environmental transition, it can also become a chance. The purpose of this study is to investigate university students who had the experience of transferring schools during their former school days and find how they reviewed such environmental transitions and constructed meaning for the experience. 166 university students participated in this study, and 66 of them experienced school transference. They completed free-description questionnaires about the experience and the meaning-making for it. In addition, we examined the relation between the meaning-making for school transference and their friendship style, because making friends in a new environment is a serious problem for students after school transference. As a result, many participants found that they held positive meanings for their past school transferences, which were divided into six categories: 1) effect on character, 2) effect on skills and sense of value toward human relationships, 3) change in the sense of value and the world, 4) trigger to something new, 5) effect on career decisions, and 6) switching something negative to positive.
School transference
Environmental transition