Bulletin of training and research center for clinical psychology Volume 12
2014-03-20 発行

大学生の童話療法における結末のあり方と気分変化との関連 <研究論文>

Relation between the ending and the emotional change in a fairy tale in art-therapy on college students <Research Article>
Kumano, Haruna
This study implemented the method of fairy tales in art therapy on male college students. This method is a form of expressive psychotherapy conceptualized by Araragi in 2008 and is conducted via drawings and fabrications. The obtained data were then quantitatively examined to determine whether the same types of emotional changes take place with female college students, and also to examine the correlation between conclusions of the fairy tales (e.g., a happy or unhappy ending) and the emotional changes before and after the therapeutic implementation. The findings indicate that, for both male and female students, there was a reduction in the Depression (Anxiety) factor and the Boredom factor, and an increase in of the Liveliness factor and the Friendliness factor. Moreover, there was a significant difference among the four factors for the happy-ending group and among two factors for the unhappy ending group. However, the emotional change in the Friendliness factor due to differences in the ending was only seen in the male group.
fairy tale in art-therapy
emotional change