Bulletin of training and research center for clinical psychology Volume 12
2014-03-20 発行

甘いもの好きと性格の関連 : お菓子好きに焦点を当てて <研究論文>

The relationship between sweet-liking and personality, with a focus on snacking. <Research Article>
Asaoka, Satoshi
Kodama, Kenichi
This study clarifies the relationship between sweet liking and personality, with a focus on snacking. In this study, sweet liking was defined as the degree of liking sweets, because we believe that sweets are often consumed as snacks between meals. Additionally, we investigated the times and situations in which sweet liking people want sweets, and the possibility of subjectively predicting a sweet-liking score using a visual analog scale (VAS) .We discuss the difference of the Big Five personality scores between the high and low sweet-liking groups. The results show that the high sweet-liking group demonstrates a marginally significant difference in consciousness score: it is lower than that of the low sweet-liking group. So, our data suggest that high sweeters are looser than non sweeters. Moreover, while men want sweets at various times and situations, women want sweets when they feel lonely or want to cheer themselves up. There is a significant correlation between the sweet-liking VAS and sweet-liking scores.
Big Five Personality Scores
Visual Analog Scale