Bulletin of training and research center for clinical psychology
Volume 12
Date of Issue:2014-03-20
current number
Publisher : Department of Psychology, Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
The relationship between sweet-liking and personality, with a focus on snacking. <Research Article>
Asaoka, Satoshi; Kodama, Kenichi; Ogata, Akiko;
PP. 25 - 37
Effects of social supports on school adjustments among the teacher training course students who had low intention to become a teacher <Research Article>
Oyamada, Haruka; Kodama, Makiko; Otsuka, Yasumasa;
PP. 38 - 50
Relation between the ending and the emotional change in a fairy tale in art-therapy on college students <Research Article>
Kumano, Haruna; Ishida, Yumi;
PP. 51 - 60
University students' meaning-making for the experience of past school transference <Research Article>
Shimoda, Chihiro; Ogino, Misako; Okamoto, Yuko;
PP. 61 - 76
The empirical examination about a gap of the questionnaire method and the drawing method in mother-child relationship <Research Article>
Takamatsu, Yuki; Kida, Yuko; Ishida, Yumi;
PP. 77 - 89
Influence of the dependent personality has on the stress buffering effect of social support <Research Article>
Tanaka, Kaori;
PP. 90 - 99
Feature of the draw-a-person test in a women's college student's anorexia nervosa tendency <Research Article>
Mori, Yui; Ishida, Yumi;
PP. 100 - 113