Hiroshima Peace Science Volume 9
1986 発行

通信ネットワークを利用した国際政治シミュレーション : INS-J-H-1について

New dimension of person-computer simulation : A pilot run on the international political simulation game with telecommunication
Mori, Toshikazu
Aizawa, Kunio
In this paper, we propose a new model of the international political simulation game using the telecomunication (INS-J-H-I). It is based on the international political simulation game INS-J-E-5 introduced by Hiroharu Seki (Tokyo University), and improved to use with the telecomunication network. INS-J-H-1 deals mainly with the Middle East of 1980's. A pilot run of INS-J-H-1 has been carried out at August 5, 6, 1986 by making use of NEC's telecomunication network, 'PC-VAN'. The participants were in Tokyo, Yokohama, and Hiroshima. The 'Control Group' was at NTT's 'Communication Plaza' in Hiroshima. It is one of the advantages of telecomunication that the participants of the simulation need not gather at a room. They can participate to the simulation from their home. Furthermore, they can simulate the results of their decision makings by making use of the intelligent terminals. Also they can acquire their own news media in the telecomunication network. Thus, the International political simulation with the telecomunication is not only a new implmentation of the old one. It seems to become a new form of the person-computer simulation.