Hiroshima Peace Science Volume 9
1986 発行

第三世界国家論への視座 : 世界システム論とラテンアメリカの関連を中心として

Approach to the nation-states system in the third world : The world-system and Latin America
Satow, Yukio
The purpose of this paper is to examine the structures of World-System and nation-states system through case study of Latin America in the Third World. The Modern World-System theory (Immanuel Wallestein schule) purports to dynamics of the world economy and the states as a whole by analysing its structures. The World-System perspective is a useful and necessary corrective to the modernization perspective, but I am not convinced that one has to look for single 'unit of analysis', to choose a priori between the nation-states and world capitalism, instead of analysing the interrelationships in the process of their development. Important structural features of the World-System have point out, however, as a consequence of transformation of social structures and 'life world' in the nation states of the Third World, which are to a significant degree determined internally.