Hiroshima Peace Science Volume 7
1984 発行

農業現代化政策に見る中国農村の諸問題 : 家庭経営と新経済連合体の発展を中心に

Problems of rural society under the policy of modernization of agriculture in China : On the developing farmers' household-based management and the agricultural economic association
Komatsu, Izuru
The purpose of this article is to investigate the changes and problems of China's rural Society under the policy of agricultural modernization after Peoples' Commune. The following three problems will be dealt with in this paper. 1) the elements making up the Specialized Households Management. 2) the functions of the New Agricultural Economic Association after Peoples' Commune. 3) the co-operations with the New Agricultural Economic Association and Farmers' Household-based Management. The problems will be discussed from the following three viewpoints. 1) the conditions of the development of the Farmers' Household-based Management. 2) the character and the process of establishment of A New Agricultural Association. 3) the problems of the New Agricultural Association and the Specialized Household Management facing rural society.