Hiroshima Peace Science Volume 7
1984 発行

平和の成立する場 : フィクションの用例分析

The locus dimension of peace image : Case study of Japanese fictions
Matsuo, Masatsugu
The research on peace image has concentrated its attention on the substance of peace. The objective of the present paper is twofold. First, it argues that there is another dimension in peace image, that is, the locus dimension, in addition to substance or value dimension. Next, it discusses the validity of the categories belonging to the locus dimension, on the basis of the samples of 'heiwa' (peace) taken from the Japanese fictions. The result shows that, as far as the Japanese peace image is concerned, there are nine locus categories: 'jinrui' (human race), 'sekai' (world), 'kuni' (country), 'shudan' (group), 'machi' (city, town), 'mura' (village), 'katei' (family), 'kojin' (individual), 'shizen' (nature).