Hiroshima Peace Science Volume 7
1984 発行


The political awareness of Japanese youth
Ueno, Hirohisa
We inquired many students of sixteen universities how they think about the present state of things concerning peace and the military position of Japan in the world. The number of the students inquired is as large as 3848. From this inquiry we have got some interesting and enlightening results. Most students fear that nuclear wars could break out and that Japan might be involved in it. They do not think that JIEITAI (our self-defence military forces) is useful for checking the outbreak of the war or defending our country against invasion. Therefore they think that it should be reduced and eventually abolished. Naturally they are unsympathetic to it and against making the conscription law. As for the Security Treaty between U. S. A. and Japan they think it useless or rather harmful for the peace of the world. As for the nuclear weapons they think that Japan should never hold them. They insist that it is important to reinforce U. N. to secure peace in the world. On the other hand they are very proud of our Constitution, especially of the item which declares the renunciation of war. We can say that Japanese youth has become less progressive and rather realistic during these 20 years. Generally speaking girls are more peace-loving, but less concerned about the state of things both of Japan and of the world than boys. This paper is the detailed report of the inquiry.