Hiroshima Peace Science Volume 6
1983 発行


Social development and agricultural complex : Evolutional and ecological approach (2) agriculture and population
Mori, Yuji
Agriculture and Population 1. High growth rate of population in developing countries is caused by the total fertility rate. Surplus population and low productivity in agriculture linked together threaten the industrialization of developing countries. 2. Historically, agricultural characteristics of developed countries in general during their industrialization are as follows; (1) percentage of agricultural labor force and agricultural population in total labor force and total population, respectively, decrease on the way of industrial development, (2) agricultural labor force moves to industry, (3) ratio of rural population to agricultural labor force increases, (4) percentage of farm population within rural population decreases, and (5) agricultural density decreases. 3. Recent statistics shows that developing countries in general are on the way to industrialization. 4. This paper discusses some issues of agricultural development of developing countries