Hiroshima Peace Science Volume 5
1982 発行


An examination of the draft of the Comprehensive Programme for Disarmament (CPD.) adopted by the Committee on Disarmament (CD)
Mori, Toshikazu
This paper is a research about the Draft CPD which the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Draft CPD concluded at its 58th meeting on 15 April 1982, and which CD adopted at its 173rd plenary meeting on 21 April 1982. During the 1980 session, Ambassador 0. Adeniji (Nigeria) was the Chairman of the Ad Hoc Working Group; Ambassador A. Garcia Robles (Mexico) was the Chairman during the 1981 and 1982 sessions. The Draft CPD is not complete and is filled up with a lot of brackets and alternative proposals which mean the reservation. In this paper, the author, as one of the peace researchers living in Hiroshima, examines the Draft CPD, from the viewpoint of nuclear disarmament. The author also takes a keen interest in another Draft CPD which Working Group I under the chairmanship of Ambassador A. Garcia Robles diliberated and elaborated on the basis of the Draft CPD submitted from CD during SSOD II. Working Group I concluded Texts for the Draft CPD on 9 July 1982. But this does not include the Concluding Document of the Twelfth Special Session. The Japanese translation of the full text of A/S- 12/32, including 6 annexes has already published by the author as part of World Disarmament Campaign. It is the author's next task to compare these two Drafts CPD.