Hiroshima Peace Science Volume 4
1981 発行


Structure of peace attitudes of Japanese scientists
Nagai, Hideaki
In 1978, the Committee of the Survey on the Opinion for Peace of Japanese Scientists carried out a survey on the opinion for peace of Japanese scientists. In the survey, 2100 scientists were sampled from the electors' list of Science Council of Japan. The present paper reanalyses the data of the survey from fresh points of view. It tries to clarify the overall structure of peace attitudes of Japanese scientists, on the basis of the examination of their attitudes towards such issues as peace, environmental pollution, social responsibility of scientists and cooperation with citizens. The present paper compares the attitudes towards nuclear issues of citizens with those of scientists, discusses the relationship between scientists' interest in peace issues and promotion of research in their own special fields, and the relationship between the promotion of scientific research and the social responsibility of scientists. After the discussion of these points, Hayashi's quantification procedure is applied to categorize peace attitudes of A detailed result of the survey is appended.