Hiroshima Peace Science Volume 37
2016-03 発行

東日本大震災発生時における障害者の行動および避難の実態 : 相馬市を事例として

Action and Evacuation Procedures of Disabled People at the Occurrence of Great East Japan Disaster : Based on the Instance of Soma-City
Eto, Yuko
The purpose of this paper is to provide details of situation taken right after Great East Japan Disaster by disabled people because their real situations have never been known to the public. The fact that the number of victims among disabled people and the elderly was almost double than that of general population was announced by some researchers. However there isn’t any evidence to explain the gap. It should be clarified by narrative evidence obtained from disabled residents who encountered the disaster; therefore, this research was held to get the data from people with disabilities living in the affected areas. To obtain those information, 11 people with disabilities living near Soma-city were nominated to take part in this research project. A questionnaire was distributed to 11 participants and four people among them proceeded the following interview. The content of the questionnaire consists of general questions as well as both open-end and closed questions. The questionnaire is added as appendix-1 and some answers from the questionnaire and the interview that are related to their first action at the occurrence of the earthquake are shown in charts and figures in the context of this paper. This research is held as a pilot study of the main research to know disabled people’s actual situations and evacuation processes taken right after the disaster. This information will hopefully be utilized to improve the quality of evacuation plan for disadvantaged populations to save their life from natural disasters for the future.
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