Hiroshima Peace Science Volume 37
2016-03 発行

百済救援戦争の歴史的位置 : 従軍した三谷郡司の先祖と亡命百済僧弘済を通して

Historical Position of Baekje(百済) Relief War : The Served “Ancestor of Mitani(三谷)Gunji(郡司)” and the Exiled Baekje Monk Gusai(弘済)
By focusing on two persons who were involved in A D661-663 Baekje Relief War, the “ancestor of Mitani Gunji" who was a chief of local powerful families in the current northern Hiroshima Prefecture and Gusai who was a monk exiled from Baekje, this paper aims to identify the following three questions:
1) What was the Baekje Relief War that the two persons of life are tossed?
2) What did the war bring people in the communities?
3) What direction d id the war bring to the ancient nation of Japan?
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