Hiroshima Peace Science Volume 34
2012 発行


To What Degree HaveHiroshima University Students Understood the A-bomb Afflictions?
The purpose of this paper is to examine the extent of comprehension of the A-bomb afflictions among Hiroshima University students. The questionnaire survey was carried out on 96 undergraduate students by using a simple question. The question is provided in the following form:
“Please write (in an itemized form) what you know about Atomic bomb or Atomic bomb afflictions”

The results are derived from the content of the answers and specific characteristics such as sex or regional origin. The result shows: (1) As to the content, the majority of the answers contained the description of physical damages, historical facts and medical effects. On the other hand, the description of social effects or psychological effects was rather rare. (2)The level of understanding is not very thorough. Moreover, this level was not affected by sex or regional origin of the respondents.

As of 2011, Hiroshima University introduced compulsory “Peace Science Course”. All students are required to complete 1 class (2 credits) from this course. The results from this survey will be beneficial when reevaluating these courses. The results will also contribute to the “Projectof training official hibakusya successors”which is being pursued by the city of Hiroshima.
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