Hiroshima Peace Science Volume 33
2011 発行

イラク治安部門改革(SSR)への民間安全保障会社(PSC)の使用に関する米軍と英軍の違いの考察 : 反乱鎮圧作戦の経験と正当性に対する理解の相違からの説明

A Review of the difference between the US and UK Forces in their use of Private Security Companies in Security Sector Reform in Iraq : an Explanation focusing on the Difference in the Legacy of Counter-insurgency Operations and the Understanding of the Legitimacy
Hasegawa, Susumu
Uesugi, Yuji
This article focuses on the fact that there is a noticeable difference in the way private security companies are used in Iraqi security sector reform (SSR) between the U.S. and U.K. militaries, and argues that such difference results from the two countries' different historical experiences in counterinsurgency after World War II and that, as a result of the different experiences, each military has fostered contrasting recognition toward legitimacy. The argument in this article can contribute to studies of relationship between norms and policy-making.
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