Hiroshima Peace Science Volume 32
2010 発行

国境を超える対抗運動の担い手 : 世界社会フォーラムの10年を検証する

Alter-globalization movement across borders : Reviewing 10 years of the World Social Forum
Mori, Satoko
The 10th World Social Forum (WSF) was held in January 2010 in Brazil. For the last 10 years, the WSF were held 8 times at a global level, and more than 170 times at a regional level. The WSF provided precious opportunities for social movement activists to share various experiences and strife at local levels. It had attracted thousands of people all over the world; however, few researchers have analyzed it from the point of view of the developing countries. And most of the literatures focused on the period of 2001-2005 when WSF expanded unexpectedly.

This paper identifies the WSF as a transformative process of alter-globalization movement, and examines the 10-year process of WSF through three periods: enhanced period (2001-05), stagnation period (2006-08), and restoration period (2009-present). First, this paper attempts to explore international political and economic contexts, types of movement style and diversity of actors involved in each period. Second, the significance and results of the WSF in each period are examined. And finally, the processes of alternatives constructed through the WSF process are examined. The cases of alternatives, especially debt and climate justice issues are believed to have significant implications for the future of alter-globalization movement.
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