Hiroshima Peace Science Volume 3
1980 発行

International discussion : For human survival

Shibata, Shingo
Parsons, Howard L.
Peck, Sidney
Abdel-Malek, Anouar
Somerville, John
Tachibana, Seiitsu
Foreword, by Shingo Shibata / Opposition to SALT 11: A Dangerous Illusion, by Howard L. Parsons / For Human Survival - The Tasks of Marxists to Prevent Nuclear Extinction, by Sidney Peck / A Comment on Shibata's Paper 'For Human Survival,' by Anouar Abdel-Malek / The Marxist Approach to Prevent Nuclear Extinction, by John Somerville / U.S. Nuclear Policy and SALT 11: An Institutional Commitment to Qualitative Nuclear Arms Buildup, by Seiitsu Tachibana / More on Human Survival - Soviet Nuclear Policy Reconsidered and Possibility of Human Servival, by Shingo Shibata