Hiroshima Peace Science Volume 29
2007 発行

平和形成方法の教育についての考察(その2) : 日英中学生の平和意識調査の比較から

The Second Study on Education about the Method for Peace Building : A Comparison of Opinion Surveys of Secondary School Pupils in Japan and England
The aim of this paper is to consider the difference of peace education in Japan and England by comparing the results of opinion surveys of secondary school pupils in the two countries. The purpose of opinion survey in England is to analyze the opinion of pupils in secondary schools on peace and war, and the method for peace building. The investigation target group is Year 9 pupils of secondary schools in Coventry, Bradford, Southampton and London. The survey was conducted from December 2006 to February 2007, and its sample number is 534 pupils.

The pupil's families in England seem to pass on the memory of World War II more often than the families in Japan. The content of wars told in England is not necessarily "anti-war peace education." The affirmative side of the World War II is often told in England, however the negative side of the World War II is told more in Japanese schools.

About 70 percent pupils in Japan and England answer that they want to do something for a peaceful society. So pupils in the two countries want to contribute to peace building by almost the same degree. The English pupils know more concretely about peace groups. The education about the method for peace building is not practiced enough in Japan and England because the pupils in both countries do not have a lot of knowledge on it.

Japanese pupils show a more pacifist attitude and more intention for peaceful contribution in their future work compared with English pupils. Not only opinion on war but also opinion on peace and peace building differ among Japanese pupils and English ones. It can be said that the difference in their opinion is a result of peace education in Japan and England.

Although it can be said that anti-war peace-oriented opinion of Japanese pupils is high, passing on the war experience by Japanese families tends to decrease, so it is necessary to replenish it with peace education. It is also necessary to enhance education of the method for peace building as one part of peace education in both countries.
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