Hiroshima Peace Science Volume 28
2006 発行

峠三吉自筆草稿画像目録 <研究ノート>

A directory of electronic images of hand-written manuscripts of Sankichi Toge <Research Note>
Matsuo, Masatsugu
Most of the known historical material of Sankichi Toge, the atomic bomb poet, is in the custody either of the Central Municipal Library of Hiroshima city or of Mr. Takashi Toge. When one tries to examine the material personally, however, the access to it is difficult, if not impossible. Electronic images of the material are one of the ways to make this access much easier. Fortunately, all the above material has already been microfilmed, and, for this purpose, we have converted most of the films into electronic images. In addition, we have also created electronic images of the material not microfilmed so far. At the same time, we have compiled and published a comprehensive directory of the Toge material. The present paper is a report of our attempt at linking the two data in the form of an electronic mage directory. At present, the electronic image directory contains only Toge's hand-written manuscripts of literary works and essays. This paper describes how the directory is prepared, which difficulties and problems are met, and sometimes solved, in the process of preparation, what are its nature and structure, and how the directory can be used. It also provides some examples of images in the directory as illustration. Though the directory described here is not a finished one, it is hoped that it can make the access to the original material much easier, and thus contribute to further understanding of Toge's works.