Hiroshima Peace Science Volume 27
2005 発行

公民単元「国際連合について考える」 : 国家・社会の形成者を育成する 中学校社会科授業の開発 (2)

Unit plan "Considering the United Nations" : A study on the development of a junior high school civics sourse (2)
Takenaka, Nobuo
Tanaka, Noboru
Nikaido, Toshie
Nyu, Eiji
The purpose in this paper is to develop the lesson plan for teaching social studies in junior high schools to consider the international society. We developed the unit plan “Considering the United Nations." The aim of this plan is to recognize the perspectives and views of the UN. We have prepared two views of society in the international level to plan the unit. One is an idealistic view that there must be no conflict in the international society. Another is a realistic view that in the international society people manage the conflict politically. As students have learned an idealistic view in elementary social studies lessons, we have planed the lesson that they recognize an idealistic view and a realistic view. As a result of this plan, students will be able to consider how to make the international society using two views.