Hiroshima Peace Science Volume 23
2001 発行

ゼノフォビア克服に至る過程 : 微視的民族誌とケース・カンファレンスの相乗効果

The Process of a University Student Coping With Her Xenophobia against Overseas Students
In order to realize a just society in the new century, it is crucial for university students to cope with prejudice and their own xenophobia. Through the 19901s, this author has been addressing the importance of the new concept of intercultural learning as a means of realizing a just society. Intercultural learning only takes place when people of various cultural backgrounds interact with each other independently in order to overcome their own cultural prejudice. Students must actively participate in the creative process of producing new cultural values through intercultural dialogue with people from different cultural backgrounds instead of teaching and transmitting static aspects and homogenized images of cultural knowledge. This forces them to acquire mutually respected cultural values and behavioral styles for cultural adaptation. In order to facilitate this reciprocal cultural learning, it is important to educate transcultural mediators who can guide the passive and negative culture learners into intercultural dialogue. Using this concept, the author developed several courses to educate transcultural mediators. In this paper, the author analyzes how a college student copes with her initial xenophobia against overseas students and what the student learned by engaging in ethnographic fieldwork and case conferences required of her in an intercultural education course.