Hiroshima Peace Science Volume 22
2000 発行

人権条約による人権保障の実効性について(続) : 留保の問題を中心に

On ""RESERVATIONS"" : As a Factor to Diminish the Effectiveness of Human Rights Treaties (continued)
Kodera, Sayoko
It is deplorable that quite a few States Paties to the main international human rights conventions have made many reseravations on various articles when they sign, ratify or acceed to those conventions. In this part of the paper, the preceding half of which had been published in the former issue of this Journal, those Secti0ns:i.e. [III] a factor which diminishes the effectiveness of human rights treaties (2) - problems of reservation (continued), [2-2] problematic points of 'Reservation' (1) - abundance of reservation (continued) ; [3] problematic, points of ' Reservation' (2) - contents of reservation; [IV] reservations attached by the Japanese Goverment; and [END] are contained. In this writer's opinion, some reservations attached by certain Islamic countries seem to be extremely problematic and diminish the effectiveness of human rights treaties tremendously. As a matter of fact, many countries have filed objections to those reservations but Japan has never done so. The reservations attached by Japan to human rights treaties to which Japan is a State Party seem to be sufficiently reasonable and, therefore, no state has filed objections so far.