Hiroshima Peace Science Volume 22
2000 発行

核軍縮提言における「理想主義」と「現実主義」 : 東京フォーラムの残した課題から

Idealism and Realism in Nuclear Disarmament Proposals : Unsolved Issues of the Tokyo Forum Report
Mizumoto, Kazumi
The Tokyo Forum for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament, an international conference organized at the initiative of the then Japanese Prime Minister Hashimoto in 1998 after the nuclear tests of both India and Pakistan, published a report in July 1999. The report, ""Facing Nuclear Dangers: An Action Plan for the 21st Century,"" proposed comprehensive measures to stop the immediate danger of the nuclear proliferation, as well as to realize the ultimate goal of elimination of nuclear weapons. The report has gained fairly good evaluations by the so-called realists, whereas it has been graded poorly by the idealist camp. The realists including diplomats, government officials, and defense specialists gave high scores to Tokyo Forum's immediate and realistic measures. On the other hand, the idealists including NGO activists and specialists in the field of Peace Research claimed that the report fell short of proposing eloquently the total abolition of nuclear weapons in the near future. Even the two camps fundamentally differ in analyzing approach, policy priorities, and final goals, we need to find something common and create dialogue between them in order to stop the proliferation and realizing nuclear disarmament.