Hiroshima Peace Science Volume 22
2000 発行


International Assistance in Domestic Elections in the Post-Cold War Era
Shinoda, Hideaki
This paper seeks to examine international assistance in domestic elections thathas rapidly grown since the end of the Cold War. The phenomenon reflects theinternational environment in which state sovereignty does not hinder the spreadof liberal values across borders. The first section of this paper describesthe historical development of international electoral assistance in the modernage and identifies its rapid rise in the last decade. The paper next examinesvarious international organs of electoral assistance ranging from electoralassistance bodies of the United Nations to major international NGOs. Finally,the paper provides a theoretical discussion on international electoralassistance. In so doing, it argues that the rise of international electoralassistance in the post-Cold War signifies the values of peace, human rightsand democracy that are combined as a set of international normative standards.