Hiroshima Peace Science Volume 19
1996 発行

イギリス成人教育の新しい可能性 その7 : 90年代の大学成人教育の協動的実験とその可能性

A collaborative experiment of British university education in the 90's : A new possibillity of adult continuing education in the UK (No. 7)
Anezaki, Yoichi
Saguchi, Masaaki
Tamura, Keiko
We have reviewed and analysed some experimental works for the purpose of innovation of British Adult Education. There are two important aspects in our findings. They are Liberal Adult Education Tradition and Social Purpose Practice. This paper intends to reflect a short history of British UAE and analyses two experiments in the field of working class adult education. Here as before we took notice of Leeds intiatives. They are in developing a new approach of UAE under a hardship. We can learn a lot from their works as we showed in a series of papers in the past. The paper consists of three parts as follows. Preface 1) British UAE in its history and in the 90's by ANEZAKI 2) A case study of trade union education: UNISON programa by TAMURA 3) A Possibillity of Popular Education for Democracy by SAGUCHI.