Hiroshima Peace Science Volume 19
1996 発行

原爆医療法制定のころ : 藤井平一に聞く

Interview with Heiichi Fujii
Funahashi, Yoshie
In 1955, the First World Conference against A- and H-Bombs was held in Hiroshima and some hibakusha had the first chance to report the actual comditions of atmic suffering in the presence of the Japanese people, which made a deep impression on the participants. The testimonies of the hibakusha gave the participants a greater shock than what they had expected. Since then, hibakusha began to testify about their experiences in various places of Japan, and in 1956 the Japan Confederation of A- & H-Bomb Sufferers Organaizations was established on the second day of the Second World Conference against A- & H-Bomb in Nagasaki Heiichi Fujii(1914-1996), born in Hiroshima, one of the founders of the Japan Confedration of A- & H-Bomb Sufferers Organaizations, took a position as the secretary-general at the opening ceremory of the Confederation. Immediately he concentrated his effort on legislating an 'Aid Law for A- & H-Bomb Sufferers' and appealed to the people and asked for assitance of friends, politicians, scholars, medical doctors, high goverment offcials and others. In 1957, the goverment, pushed by public opinion, established the 'Law for Health Protection and Medical Care for A- & H-Bomb Sufferers'. Heiichi Fujii told his experience of those days in 1989 & 1990.