Hiroshima Peace Science Volume 18
1995 発行

イギリス成人教育の新しい可能性(その6) : ED(Employee Development)プログラムの提起するもの(その2)

The challenge of employee development learning programme in workplace learning (No.2) : A new possibility of adult continuing education in the U.K. (No.6)
Anezaki, Yoichi
Saguchi, Masaaki
Tamura, Keiko
This paper is concerned with what ED programmes raise in the field of Adult Continuing Education in the UK and overseas. Our consistent interest lies in how British Liberal Adult Education can give a new approach to the problems in its society. We have taken notice upon a series of Leeds Univ. Works and Practices. They have developed new ideas and methods of Adult Education for the disadvantaged people. Learning from their theories and practices, we have studied and introduced to Japan the nature and possibility of ED programmes, a new intiative in workplace learning. One of our focuses is placed upon a liberal approach as one playing an integral part in adult continuing education. A new liberal approach doesn' t separate genenral education from vocational education, but vice-versa. ED programmes are now in the process of making as well as experimenting and therefore have many problems to be overcome, But here we put an emphasis on its positive and innovative aspect. The paper consists of tne following three parts. Ⅰ ED programmes: its concept, method and implications posed Ⅱ an innovative approach and development tasks of the programme from a trada union's viewpoint. Ⅲ a comparative review of ED programme This study is expected to be read by those who are interested in the future prospect of Adult and Continuing Education in Japan as well as in new trends in British Adult Contrnuing Education.