Hiroshima Peace Science Volume 18
1995 発行

「治外法権の撤廃」と「治安維持」 : 満州事変前後の「連続性」に関する一考察

Abolishment of extraterritoriality' and 'maintenance of public peace' : A study on 'continuation' before and after the Manchurian incident
This thesis is a study on the correspondence of the Foreign Office concerning the Japanese-Chinese negotiations on the abolishment of extraterritoriality before and after the Manchurian incident. The negotiations between legation minister Mamoru Shigemithu and the Nationalist Government as political center came to an interruption because of oppositional opinions. But in the provinces, elements of extraterritoriality, such as civil trial, a part of consular jurisdiction, were in reality on the way beeing abolished. Further were the negotiations in the provinces on Korean residents a reason for the Kanto-Army to expand the territory to ' Manchukuo ' after the Manchurian incident. This was also a necessary strategy to conceal military based ' maintenance of public peace ' by the Kanto-Army.