Hiroshima Peace Science Volume 16
1993 発行

在韓被爆者問題 : 忘れれたもうひとつのヒロシマ

The Korean victims of atomic bomb
Nakatsuji, Keiji
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Though it is popularly unknown, there were not small numbers of Korean victims of the atomic bomb which fell on Hiroshima. The paper traces the postwar history of those Korean victims. Most of the survivors who still counts approximately 20,000 had returned to the Korean penisula soon after the war. Partly because of this reason, they were not able to receive the same medical and finacial assistance by the Japanese government for which the other victims had enjoyed. The leaders of Japanese peace movements did not respond positively either because many of them were socialist-oriented and did not admit the legitimacy of the South Korean government itself. In addition the Korean goverment was too busy for helping its own victims of the Korean war to take care of the A-bomb victims. Under those negligence, the aging Korean victims of the atomic bomb are now fading into history.