Hiroshima Peace Science Volume 15
1992 発行


Technological improvement and social change in Thai ceramic industry
Takeuchi, Johzen
In Thailand, 'ceramic industry' is an aggregated concept which implies earthen wares, pottery, porcelain and modern ceramics such as sanitary wares, tiles etc.. We can find two different streams among Thai ceramic industry, that is, traditional and modern productions. Traditional manufacturers have maintained their own ways of production and human relations. However, numerous kinds of modern production system have been introduced to this country since after the 1960s. Nowadays, the modern manufacturing is the main stream of this industry. This paper concentrated on analysing the economic factors of rapid development of Thai ceramic industry in these couple of decades. It also tried to explain some difficulties which traditional manufacturers have now, including that of thier linkages with modern technical improvement. In the course of economic development of those manufacturers, we can find that they have experienced various kinds of social changes, which had strong impact not only on their domestic factors in terms of market, human relations, ways of production, natural resources etc., but also their international factors.