Hiroshima Peace Science Volume 14
1991 発行


A pilot study on the construction of a full text date base of documents of atomic bomb damages
Matsuo, Masatsugu
Ubuki, Satoru
Komura, Fujihiko
Tamura, Keiko
Funahashi, Yoshie
There have been various efforts made to compile bibliographies and directories of documents of Atomic bomb damages in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, such as hibakusha's memoirs, testimonies, or so-called 'A-bomb literature.' There have been, however, few serious attempts to analyze these documents in full detail and make clear specifically human aspects of the damages caused by the Atomic boms. The present study is an initial attempt at such an academic effort. It aims to create a full text data base of the documents and, on the basis of such a text data base, develop ways to analyze aspects of the damages in full detail. In this initial study, we first created machine-readable texts mainly of early documents. The machine-readable texts includes The City of Corpses (Shikabane no Machi) by Yoko Ota, Atomic Bomb Peoms (Genbaku Shishu) by Sankichi Toge, Expen'ences of Atomic Bomb (Genbaku Taikenki), Voice from Heaven (Ten yori no Koe). Moreover, several others such as Hiroshima Diary (Hiroshima Nikki) by Michihiko Hachiya, Collection of Tanka by Shinoe Shoda, Nagasaki - Records of Twenty Persons' A-bomb Eeeriences (Nagasaki - 22 nin no Genbaku Taiken Kiroku) and so on are now in preparation. Secondly, to use these texts on a microcomputer, a simple concording and word counting program was developed. It easily and speedily retrieves parts of the text where a given word or string occurs and outputs the results in KWIC or other formats. It also counts the occurrences of given words or strings and shows their distributions among parts or subtexts.