Hiroshima Peace Science Volume 14
1991 発行

強制連行と原爆災害 : 長崎における中国人死没者の遺族調査を終えて

A study on a Chinese victim of the atomic bomb in Nagasaki : In the case of the Late Mr.Zhu Zao-huo
Kobayashi, Fumio
Shibata, Iwao
The purpose of this paper is to throw light on the tragic life of a Chinese. His name is 'Zhu Zao-huo'(朱造火). On May 3rd, 1992, the authors who agreed to some volunteers' request of Nagasaki managed to find out his bereaved family (who live in an agricultural district in Hebei Province of China) and had an interview with them for some hours. Mr. Zhu Zao-huo was born in Hebei Province in 1925, and he passed away in Nagasaki City of Japan ini945. It goes without saying that Japan and China had been at war since 1931. That is the case, why was Mr. Zhu in the hostile country -Japan-, 1945 ? After 1942, in order to make up the lack of the work force, the then Japanese Government took up over 40,000 Chinese people to Japan, and compelled them to do muscular labor like a slave in colliery, harbor and building site. Mr. Zhu was taken over to the colliery in the north of Nagasaki Prefecture in November 1944. In Nagasaki, the Atomic Bomb dropping of the 9th of August, 1945 destroyed human lives in countless numbers. The victims are not only Japanese but also foreigners including prisoners of the Allied Forces, Korean, and Chinese. In Uragami branch of Nagasaki Prison, 33 members of Chinese were killed instantly at that time, Mr. Zhu was one of them. He was sent to this prison just two days befor the bombing. However, it can safely be said that he was innocent. If he was in the colliery without being falsely charged, he would not be sacrificed of the Atomic Bomb. Because the colliery was about sixty kilometers away from Nagasaki city. Nevertheless 47 years have passed since Mr. Zhu was dead, his bereaved family didn't know the time, the place and the cause of thier father's death until1 the authors met them. Unfortunately, Mr. Zhu's wife has already been dead without knowing self husband's last moment, in April 1992. Mr. Zhu Zao-huo is a victim not only of the Atomic Bomb by USA but also of Japanese Imperialism.