Hiroshima Peace Science Volume 13
1990 発行

1990年 ヒロシマ・ナガサキ「平和宣言」の一考察 : 広島大学学生の意識調査をとおして

A study on differences between Hiroshima and Nagasaki as seen through questionnaires concerning peace declarations delivered in 1990, : For 367 members of Hiroshima University students.
Kobayashi, Fumio
Shibata, Iwao
The purpose of this paper is to verify differences of the 'Peace Declarations' delivered in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1990. Both Declarations made an appeal for the total abolition of nuclear weapons and complete disarmament. But, in reality, there were a lot of differences between them. The authors sent out questionnaires to 367 members of Hiroshima University students. The question is 'As to the Peace Declarations delivered in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1990, how are they different basically? And what do you think has caused such differences?' The findings are as follows: It was easier to understand the Peace Declaration of Nagasaki than that of Hiroshima because of concrete descriptions. And the Peace Declaration in Nagasaki took more serious view of the world situation today than the other. Moreover, Hitoshi Motoshima, the Mayor of Nagasaki, admitting that Japan had 'invaded' the Asian countries from 1910 to 1945, showed a friendly attitude to these countries. On the other hand, Takeshi Araki, the Mayor of Hiroshima, didn't mention it at all. As to the causes of differences between the two cities in views of Asia; 1) Nagasaki is nearer the Asian Continent, and has longer relations to the Asian countries historically, than Hiroshima; 84 students. 2) the Mayor of Nagasaki regards Asia as important, the Mayor of Hiroshima shows little interest in Asia; 80 students. 3) There are comtemptuous feeling to the Asian countries and people, in the City of Hiroshima; 126 students. From this survey, it was clear that the Peace Declaration of Nagasaki had much higher opinions than that of Hiroshima.